About The Association

Occupational Therapy Australia (OTA) is the peak professional body representing the interests of occupational therapists across the country.

OTA strives to ensure that members consistently receive quality, responsive services that add significant value to their careers. It also aims to support, promote and represent the profession of occupational therapy as a key component of the allied health sector in Australia.

OTA is a nationwide organisation that comprises all states and territories (divisions) and has a membership of over 11,000 individual occupational therapists and occupational therapy students.

Strategic Plan 2021-23

Our Vision 

People and communities are engaged in occupations that bring meaning and purpose to their lives, fostering health, wellbeing, participation and inclusion.

Our Purpose

OTA represents, supports, strengthens and resources the continually evolving occupational therapy profession.

Our Strategic Focus Areas

1. We position occupational therapy for strategic influence to enhance awareness of, access to, and impact of the profession.

2. We support and resource occupational therapists to deliver optimal outcomes for individuals, organisations and communities.

3. We are a high-performance organisation resourced by quality people, systems and governance, meeting the evolving needs of our members. 

Download the OTA 2021-23 Strategic Plan

A Brief History

The Occupational Therapists Club formed in 1944 and later became the Australian Association of Occupational Therapists (AAOT) in 1945. The specific Victorian division was formed in 1947 followed by Queensland in 1948, New South Wales in 1948 and the Federal Association in 1951.

In 1953 Western Australia formed a separate division and in 1961, all state associations become state members of the federal body. The South Australia Division formed in 1963 followed by Tasmania in 1971, the ACT in 1979 and the Northern Territory in 1986.

In 2009, national members voted to consolidate all divisions within the AAOT to form Occupational Therapy Australia Limited. In 2010, division members voted to join Occupational Therapy Australia Limited also.

The Inaugural Members Commemorative Roll is a list of members who either joined or renewed their membership when Occupational Therapy Australia first formed.

Divisions are established for the purposes of operational activities and each division is supported by members of a Divisional Council. The Divisional Councils represent the interests of the members affiliated with that division and provide advice and representation to the Division’s Manager. Divisional Councils also support the implementation of local OTA activities in line with the association’s strategic plan.

To be eligible for nomination on a Divisional Council, you must be a full member of Occupational Therapy Australia.

More detailed information regarding the roles and responsibilities of OTA Divisional Councils can be found on the OTA Division Councils webpages.

Occupational Therapy Australia supports the development of numerous interest and regional groups throughout Australia. These groups bring together like-minded members interested in a particular area of occupational therapy practice, or members based in a specific geographical location, to discuss various practice issues.

These groups engage in peer support, networking, policy and other continuing professional development activities.

Interest Groups and Regional Groups also act as resources for Occupational Therapy Australia to draw on for expert opinion on particular issues.

For more information or to join a Special Interest or Regional Community Group, visit Member Resources.


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