ACU Students exploring role of OT

Fourth year students at the Australian Catholic University (ACU) cwere asked to work as a group to produce a 2 min video which would promote the profession of occupational therapy to a particular group or setting. The video was then presented as part of a 10 minute presentation to the class as a ‘pitch’ to OTA.

The videos highlighted a range of practice areas and utilised a variety of approaches including client interviews, animation, and demonstrations.Students had to consider how to best promote the profession in an occupation focused, evidence based manner which would appeal to OTA. 

This involved research on the area of practice as well as the best way to present a video for that group or setting. The brief asked them to aim the video at the specific group and to justify how they had presented the video.

The students found this a challenging but useful way to prepare for promoting the profession as well as the service in which they would begin their first job as a new graduate occupational therapist.

Find the videos below.

Melbourne Campus:

Video explaining the role of paediatric occupational therapists.

Melbourne students: Sarah, Mia, Claire and Mellissa

Brisbane Campus:

Video explaining NDIS and community occupational therapy from a client’s perspective.

Brisbane students: Emma, Michelle, Jasmine and Hayley

North Sydney Campus:

Video explaining the role of OTs in vision impairment.

North Sydney students: Melissa, Alicia, Jessica and Jessica

Video available here

North Sydney Campus:

Video explaining the role of OTs with Neurological conditions.

North Sydney Students: Rachel, Iphigenia and Sharri

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