Connections 2021: Themes + Share Your Story

In 2020 Connections shifted away from news updates, and towards more experiences, more insights and more learnings. The magazine is a platform for staff, members and partners to tell their stories. It’s now a long-form publication—a conversation with the profession and with our broader communities.

This year we’ve shared inspiring personal experiences, new initiatives and programs, and profiled more regional and remote voices. Despite the challenges of 2020 (or perhaps because of them), a common theme running through many articles is that of championing our profession to realise its full potential.

In 2021 we’re expanding that vision with new themes to support our communities, apply theory in practice, foster brighter futures and celebrate the value of OT. We’re working with our members and partners to tell stories that matter—stories that will leave you informed and inspired. Here’s to 2021 and beyond! 

Share Your Story

Connections is seeking members interested in sharing their learnings, knowledge and experiences. In addition to our regular columns, Connections provides a platform for members to tell their occupational therapy story. Perhaps you might share insightful research you collaborated on, a consumer success story, or your reflections on your journey as an OT. 

Each edition of the magazine is centred around a common theme, outlined below. If you have a story you’d like to submit, please contact with your idea to see if it can be included in the magazine or in the blog—we’re happy to help form and refine the article with you.

2021 Themes + Timeline

Winter 2021 

  • Theme:                                   From Theory to Practice
  • Submissions by:                 9 April 2021
  • Potential article topics:
    • Profiling engaging research and its applications
    • Evaluating the real-world impact of models/theories
    • New graduates transitioning into practice

Spring 2021 

  • Theme:                                   Brighter Futures
  • Submissions by:                 9 July 2021
  • Potential article topics:
    • Discussing the topics explored at the #OTAUS2021 conference
    • How are OT supports benefiting people in the long-term? 
    • Where is the profession heading in the next year, the next decade?

Summer 2021 

  • Theme:                                  This is OT
  • Submissions by:                8 October 2021
  • Potential article topics:
    • Reflecting on OT Week 2021
    • Why are you an OT? Why do you value OT?
    • Exploring emerging areas and new applications of OT

Submission Guidelines

  • Articles can run for either 650 words (approx.) for a one page article, or 1,300 words (approx.) for a two page article. The word count includes references and about the author.
    • Articles should be written for a national audience, and offer learnings that will be relevant beyond the publication date
    • The tone of the article should be clear, confident and approachable—think ‘smart casual’
    • Ensure you (and ideally another peer) have proof-read the article so that it is free from error
    • Multiple sub-headings are encouraged to help structure the article
  • If relevant, please supply a photo or two with captions
    • If people are included, first seek their permission to publish the photo
    • Ensure photos are as high-resolution as possible (i.e. no less than 1,500 pixels on the long side) 
  • Include a brief ‘About the Author’ section at the end of the article
    • One to two sentences that offer an overview/background of the author
  • Connections isn’t the Australian Occupational Therapy Journal
    • While references are encouraged, the article should be less academic and more of an engaging story
  • OTA reserves editorial oversight to approve articles and edit for clarity and brevity
  • If you have any questions or would like to float an article idea, please email


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