Supervision Program

Supervision Program

The next step in your ot career

Supervision is a mechanism for public and professional safety. 

The OTA Supervision Program (“Program”) has been developed in direct response to feedback around accreditation of professional OT supervisors in Australia. This online CPD resource recognises the importance of supervision, providing a stepping-stone, alongside our peer training providers, towards OTA supervisor endorsement.  

The Program will improve your capacity and quality of professional supervision through a set of competencies that are reflective of contemporary approaches. Each module guides you to achieve multiple interactive activities to make you THINK, REFLECT and ACT, encouraging the immediate integration of your learning into your work. 

An exciting benefit is the support of an experienced OT professional (or Moderator) to guide participants and respond to questions that arise in completing the Program. 

Upon completion, you will be recognised with certification specifically developed for Australian health settings and delivered through best practice recommendations. Current financial members will also be eligible to progress to the OTA Supervisor Endorsement Program.


OT Learning & Development

Tailored from feedback

Developed in direct response from member feedback, the OTA Supervision Program falls under the greater Learning and Development banner to address the lack of support in career progression and sustainability of the industry. A compliment of offerings will be developed, tailored towards the progression of an OT professional, moving through stages in their career. The Career Roadmap will include a paid OTA Endorsement Program*. 

It's important to note, OTs do not need to complete the OTA Supervision Program if they already meet the criteria for the upcoming OTA Supervisor Endorsement program.   

*Only available to current financial members. 



Supervision program is available to members and non-members of OTA. 

Supervision ProgramCurrent Members*
$ 775 inc GST
  • 12 week online program
  • Practice-integrated activity workbook
  • Support of experienced OT Moderator
  • Pathway to OTA Endorsement Program for OTA members

*Current financial members

Supervision ProgramNon-Members
$ 1,100 inc gst
  • 12 week online program
  • Practice-integrated activity workbook
  • Support of experienced OT Moderator
  • Pathway to OTA Endorsement Program for OTA members


Pre-registration will be available from 8 June 2022. Click here to check your eligibility to participate in the program

Program Outline

The OTA Supervision Program consists of 6 modules, each with a set of learning objectives. Each module should take approximately 3 hours to complete, with an additional 2 hours of work per module required for workplace learning and assessment activities.

The program is delivered through a self-led, practical eLearning platform running over 3 months (or 12 weeks). The program must be completed within this timeframe to receive a certificate of completion.

Each module has a set of specific learning objectives designed to deliver the program objectives. Together, the 3 learning domains covered, offer rich and varied learning opportunities to deepen your level of capacity far beyond what can be achieved from simply learning facts.



Respond and attend to how you feel


Try things out in practice



Entering the program

A number of entry determinants are recommended to complete this Program. 

With the completion of the OTA Supervision Program, you will receive a certificate of completion, a transferable credential across settings and regions. Health organisations and employers will easily recognise your established knowledge, skill and certification by your member Association, for the delivery of professional supervision.

Employer Benefits

Good supervision leads to good results

The foundational content of the OTA Supervision Program is the Occupational Therapy Australia’s Professional Supervision Framework (2019). The evidence-based program promotes best practice clinical supervision through clearly defined discovery, engagement, and reflective self-assessment components. Good supervision affects organisational results and the overall work environment. A strong supervisory team that contributes to a positive work environment and enables employees to be and feel successful, can provide your organisation with a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining talented employees.

Organisations whose staff participate in this flexible learning approach will reap the benefits of improved service delivery, an advantage in recruitment and retention, as well as increased workforce well-being.

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