National Autism Strategy

OTA recently participated in the official launch of Autism CRC’s new National Practice Guideline Resources in Adelaide, an event attended by the Hon. Amanda Rishworth MP, Minister for Social Services, and Assistant Minister for Autism, Emily Bourke. Beyond the ceremony, this milestone connects to broader reform initiatives occurring in the NDIS and the development of the Draft National Autism Strategy, which is currently open for consultation. OTA is also sitting on the Autism CRC steering group, which is instrumental in shaping the National Framework for assessing children's functional strengths and support Needs (the Framework). This Framework is being co-produced with the community and seeks to address the current gap in understanding and lack of consensus about how best to assess, differentiate, and report children’s functional strengths and support needs. More information is available here. This effort aligns closely with the findings of the NDIS review, particularly the recommendations relating to foundational supports. OTA will be engaging in further discussions with Minister Bourke's office on foundational supports in early intervention and the expanding scope of OT in autism spectrum disorder support, with dedicated support from the Government and OTA's collaborative partners.

OTA is currently preparing a response to the Draft National Autism Strategy, available here. OTA members can inform this submission by sending feedback to by 17 May.

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