OTA to advocate for children with additional learning needs at SA’s Social Development Committee

OTA’s Lead Mental Health Advisor, Michelle Oliver, will appear before the Parliament of South Australia’s Social Development Committee on Monday 26 June 2023 to provide evidence to the Committee’s inquiry into Petition No. 96 of 2021: Funding for children & students with additional learning needs in public schools and preschools, following our written submission.

Currently, schools and preschools are not adequately funded to provide in-class and group support or intervention, and must apply for additional funding for each child. According to teachers and education leaders, only 9% of these applications are funded at the level requested. Some children are waiting more than two years to get assessed by a specialist, causing significant delays to intervention and support.

The hearing will provide OTA with the opportunity to expand on and add to the issues raised in our written submission and assist the Committee understand the work of OTs and the importance of interventions to ensure inclusive educational opportunities for all children and students.

The Social Development Committee is a Standing Committee of the South Australian Parliament established under the Parliamentary Committees Act 1991. The Committee is required to report to Parliament on matters relating to the health, welfare, education, occupational safety, industrial relations, the arts, recreation and sport, cultural or physical development and quality of life of communities, families or individuals in the state of South Australia.

Visit the SDC website to learn more about the Committee and the petition.

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