OTA Submission - SA Social Development Committee inquiry

Parliament of South Australia, Social Development Committee Inquiry: National Disability Insurance Scheme impacts on South Australian participants with complex needs who are at risk or, living in inappropriate accommodation for long periods.  

Occupational Therapy Australia provided a written submission on Friday 5 August, 2022 to the Social Development Committee inquire into, and report on, the impact of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) on South Australians living with disability who have complex needs and are, or are at risk of, residing for long periods in inappropriate accommodation (such as hospital or residential aged care).

OTAs submission will be tabled to the Committee at its next meeting and will then form part of the evidence to the inquiry and be afforded the Privileges of Parliament. Written and oral submissions are posted to the Committee’s page  on the internet and are therefore available for public viewing. Submissions may be cited in Committee reports and a list of all people and organisations providing submissions will also be included.

To view the written submission please refer here  (PDF file 283KB).

For any further questions or comment please contact Michelle Oliver, OTA SA & NT Divisional Manager, Michelle.Oliver@otaus.com.au.

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