(QLD) Seeking Feedback: RIS Regulating Re-entry to National Injury Insurance Scheme

Occupational Therapy Australia are inviting feedback from members on the Queensland Government’s Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement - Re-entering the National Injury Insurance Scheme in Queensland after accepting treatment, care and support damages (RIS).

The RIS relates to Queensland’s two lifetime schemes:

  • The scheme to support people seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents (NIISQ Agency)
  • The scheme to support workers seriously injured in workplace accidents (WorkCover Queensland and other Insurers)

The purpose of this RIS is to consider the benefits, costs and issues associated with regulating a preclusion period and conditions to be satisfied in order for a seriously injured person to re-enter the National Injury Insurance Scheme in Queensland, after opting out to take a lump sum damages payment for their lifetime treatment, care and support needs. 

You can read the RIS here.

How can I provide feedback?
ccupational Therapy Australia invite feedback from members which will be used to inform our response.

  • Read the RIS here
  • Consider which option is preferred for regulating the preclusion period for re-entering the lifetime schemes (noting that the minimum preclusion period must be five years as per current legislation)
  • Consider which option is preferred for regulating pre-conditions for re-entry to the lifetime schemes
  • Consider any other feedback on the proposed RIS and how this would impact OTs, their clients and service delivery

Feedback should be provided via email to brooke.carter@otaus.com.au by no later than COB 3 August 2020.

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