Tasmania Health Workforce Strategy

The Tasmanian Government has released the Health Workforce Strategy and will shape a health workforce that meets the needs of Tasmanians now and into the future. It aims to improve our workforce through actions to develop staff, recruit efficiently and build a positive workplace environment.  The Strategy includes a specific report into Allied Health and the challenges facing recruitment and retention of occupational therapists in Tasmania.

The final strategy incorporates input from consumers and health professionals, their representative bodies, education providers and updated data to reflect the most recently available data sets. Thank you to all of our members for providing input and consultation into this strategy.

COVID-19 has magnified our existing workforce challenges and highlighted the need to actively build, retain and maintain workforce flexibility.

Building a health professional workforce of the right size and shape is core to providing Tasmanians with the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

For any questions, please contact: healthworkforce.planning@health.tas.gov.au or ourhealthcarefuture@health.tas.gov.au.

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