My Aged Care FAQs

Occupational Therapy Australia has prepared a list of frequently asked questions about My Aged Care to assist OTs. These FAQs have been separated into the most relevant categories for our members:                 

Where do I find more information?

The Department of Health has a multitude of resources available for service providers including guidance documents, quick reference guides, factsheets and videos. These resources can be accessed via the Information for service providers page on the Department’s website.

To request further information or for more assistance in this area, please contact OTA.

MAC: My Aged Care
The main entry point to the aged care system in Australia. It includes a website and contact centre. The My Aged Care service provider portal can only be accessed by Australian Government-funded aged care service providers.

CHSP: Commonwealth Home Support Programme
An entry level home help program for older people who need some help with daily tasks to live independently at home. The CHSP commenced on 1 July 2015.

HCP: Home Care Package Home Care
Packages are available to older people with more complex care needs who wish to continue living at home. Consumers receive a tailored package of support services to meet their specific care needs. The Home Care Packages Programme is positioned between the Commonwealth Home Support Programme and residential aged care.

There are four levels of Home Care Packages:

  • Home Care Level 1: to support people with basic care needs
  • Home Care Level 2: to support people with low level care needs
  • Home Care Level 3: to support people with intermediate care needs
  • Home Care Level 4: to support people with high care needs

RAS: Regional Assessment Service
Assessors from the My Aged Care Regional Assessment Service undertake home support assessments and work with clients to develop a support plan that reflects their aged care needs. The outcome of a home support assessment may include referral to Commonwealth Home Support Programme services.

ACAT: Aged Care Assessment Team
Aged Care Assessment Teams perform comprehensive assessments for clients with more complex care needs who wish to access home care services, or are considering moving into an aged care home. An ACAT assessment is required for clients looking to access a Home Care Package.

ACAS: Aged Care Assessment Services
ACATs are called Aged Care Assessment Services teams in Victoria.

NSAF: National Screening and Assessment Form
The NSAF has been designed to support the collection of information for the screening and assessment processes conducted under My Aged Care. It includes the questions to be asked as part of screening, home support assessment and comprehensive assessment.

TCP: Transition Care Programme
Provides time-limited, goal-oriented and therapy-focused packages of services to older people after a hospital stay. To enter transition care clients must have been assessed as eligible by an ACAT while they are an in-patient of a hospital. Transition care service delivery is managed by state and territory governments.

HACC: Home and Community Care
The HACC program provides a range of basic maintenance and home support services so older people can continue living independently at home for longer. The program only operates in Western Australia and Victoria. In Victoria the CHSP replaced HACC on 1 July 2016 for new clients only. The Victorian Government will continue to fund HACC services for people under 65.

ACFI: Aged Care Funding Instrument
A resource allocation instrument used to assess the care needs of residents in aged care facilities and allocate funding to aged care providers.

CDC: Consumer Directed Care
Providing clients with more choice and control over what services are delivered and where and when they are delivered. Consumers direct the process of developing a care plan in partnership with their service provider.

NACA: National Aged Care Alliance
A representative body of peak national organisations in aged care. Occupational Therapy Australia is a member of NACA.

About My Aged Care and Available Services

The Aged Care Assessment Process

Referring Clients to My Aged Care

The My Aged Care Web-Based Portals

The Department of Health has developed a number of Quick Reference Guides containing step-by-step instructions for navigating the provider portal. The following Guides are available to download on the DOH website:

  • Create service delivery outlets and add service information using the My Aged Care provider portal
  • Create and maintain staff accounts using the My Aged Care provider portal
  • Navigating and viewing information in the client record​
  • Manage referrals using the My Aged Care provider portal
  • Updating Multi-Purpose Services in the My Aged Care Provider Portal
  • Recording and updating client service delivery information using the My Aged Care provider portal
  • Adding Short-Term Restorative Care (STRC) as a service type using the My Aged Care provider portal
  • Viewing, actioning and managing preferences for Tasks and Notifications in the My Aged Care provider portal


Home Modifications, Aids and Equipment

Recent and upcoming changes to My Aged Care

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