WorkPlacePLUS is OTA’s workplace relations partner and preferred human resources and industrial relations (HR/IR) provider.

WorkPlacePLUS provides outsourced HR support to OTA full-time, part-time and new gradaute members only.

Whether your needs are short or long term, WorkPlacePLUS is available to assist with all your HR requirements. They can partner with you to:

  • Develop strategies and processes to prevent and respond to workplace issues
  • Comply with various employment regulations and mitigate risk
  • Deliver practical business outcomes
  • Address complex HR issues so that you can focus on the everyday business operations of your practice

OTA members also receive a discount on WorkPlacePLUS stand

WorkPlacePLUS provides support, assistance and resources for a broad range of workplace matters, for example:

  • Developing and implementing your practice’s HR frameworks
  • Developing or updating policies and contracts
  • Filling in when your HR manager on long service or parental leave
  • Conducting a payroll audit and attending to Fair Work issues
  • Conducting management and supervisor training
  • Facilitating difficult discussions and internal communications
  • Addressing serious incidents e.g. bullying and harassment
  • Conducting an independent workplace investigation
  • Managing a significant change project e.g. right sizing
  • Improving staff performance and engagement
  • Monitoring and improving the work culture

WorkPlacePLUS also offers a fully integrated Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and additional tools for workplace wellness.

Since 2013, WorkPlacePLUS has developed a sound reputation for providing flexible, practical, cost-effective solutions to Australia’s allied health sector. 

The experienced team of consultants at WorkPlacePLUS are skilled and accredited workplace investigators, mediators and HR generalists. They are professional, unbiased, and independent of your practice’s internal issues.

Special OTA Member Benefits

WorkPlacePLUS has established a workplace relations advisory line for OTA members.

OTA members can access an initial complimentary phone consultation of up to 30 minutes. The advice provided is general in nature and can assist your decision-making for matters affecting your practice, such as:

  • pay rates, awards, leave & entitlements
  • employee & contractor agreements
  • hybrid & flexible working arrangements
  • HR policies, systems & processes
  • performance management
  • + more...

To activate this member benefit, please call Anna on (03) 9492 0958 or email Please have your member number handy.

If you require tailored advice for specific issues, WorkPlacePLUS can provide a cost estimate for you to review.

OTA members also receive a discount on WorkPlacePLUS standard consultancy rates.

Anna Pannuzzo, Director
P.O. Box 290, Essendon North VIC 3041
Phone: 03 9492 0958

Resources for OTA Members

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OTA Partnerships are formed to benefit members; however, members should consider their individual circumstances when deciding if products and services are suitable for themselves or their clients. 

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