Hot Topic Events

Hot Topics

Hot Topic events are information sessions centred around topical or emerging issues.

Hot Topic events provide an invaluable opportunity to engage with other OTs, OTA and other key stakeholders to unpack issues impacting OTs, ask questions and expand your peer network.

The events are intended to ignite conversation and provide information that is practical and relevant to OT clinical practice and/or business operating environments.

Upcoming Hot Topic Events

View and register for upcoming Hot Topic events! If you can't make it to an event, but would like to express your interest in the event being run again or in another location, express your interest using the form on the event card.

Registering for a Hot Topic Event

These events are open to all OTs (as well as any other interested allied health professionals or persons) - you don’t have to be a member to attend a Hot Topic event however if you are a member, you will have access to OTA's discounted member rate as well as additional resources and materials related to these topics.

You can see all of the upcoming Hot Topic events on the OTA CPD Calendar.


What can you expect at a Hot Topic event?

Hot Topics are live, interactive events that run for approximately 2 hours. Depending on the topic, events may be held online or in person.

These events provide attendees and presenters with two-way engagement and the opportunity to ask questions in real time. Hot Topics are, as the name suggests, centred around a topic that is ‘hot’ at a particular point in time and in some cases, they may be centred around new or emerging topics that will continue to evolve over time. For these reasons, Hot Topic events are not recorded.

Have an idea for a Hot Topic? Or interested in partnering with OTA on a Hot Topic event? Please contact OTA and let us know your ideas.

What Hot Topic Events have been held so far?

We’ve held Hot Topic events on a range of different topics so far – from topics about the role of OTs in schools, preventing burnout, trauma informed care, positive behaviour supports & restrictive practices, managing risk and Long COVID.

View the articles below to learn about some of our previous Hot Topic events.

Attendee feedback

“It is difficult to access relevant CPD in Tas and online being a solo practitioner in private practice. This was spot on…I look forward to other sessions like this in the future.”

“The 2 hot topics I have attended to date have been brilliant - and very relevant to my practice. Keep them coming!!!”

“Thank you - one of the best sessions that have been put on!”

“Clear, factual and relevant. Great work”

“This was an absolutely fantastic presentation that I could have listened to for double the time.”

“That session was BEYOND brilliant… something like this needs to be included in the uni courses for all OT students.”

“Thanks OTA for being responsive to a clearly hot topic… content was very appropriate and clear and in language that was not too legal.”

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