Practice Support

OTA provide advice and representation on all matters relating to the occupational therapy profession.

We're responsible for the development and delivery of OTA professional practice advisory services, resources and programs that relate to the current and emerging needs of the profession.

Through this work we promote the role of occupational therapy and facilitate the advancement of the profession to ensure people with health and/or social care needs have access to relevant best practice occupational therapy services. 

We draw on the collective knowledge and experience of our members and key stakeholders to ensure our work is based on the best available evidence,  a thorough understanding of health sector context, and the policy directions of commonwealth and state/territory governments.

OTA Practice Queries are responded to by members of the Professional Standards team who are experienced occupational therapists working across a variety of projects and initiatives for the OTA membership.

What do we do?

Professional Practice Advisors provide general, in principle opinions on topics related to professional practice. It is outside the scope of Professional Practice Advisors to provide advice on matters that are legal, insurance, business or workplace related. Equally Professional Practice Advisors cannot advise on specific clinical issues and do not offer supervision or mentorship.  

Members are encouraged to fully consider and explore their query before contacting OTA or the Practice Queries program. OTA Members Services team may be able to address a member’s query by providing direction to key resources or information.  Queries put through to the Practice Queries program are handled as quickly as possible but this may vary depending on the complexity of the query and staff capacity.  The Practice Queries program is not set up to offer urgent practice response at this time.  Professional Practice Advisors typically attend to queries via email but can be available to speak to in person if required.   

You will find responses to common questions in our Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact OTA by Ph 1300 682 878, or submit an online enquiry through our Contact OTA webpage found here


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