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OTA has developed this powerful new learning Program to train OT's to become confident Supervisors of others. If you are ready to take your career to a new level, consider undertaking this program. Gain the tools you need to be a competent and effective supervisor, supporting others and sharing your experience.

The OTA Supervision Program consists of six modules, each with their own set of learning objectives. Each module should take approximately 3 hours to complete, with an additional 2 hours of work per module required for workplace learning and assessment activities. 

The program must be completed within 12 weeks of commencement.

Each module has a set of specific learning objectives designed to deliver the program objectives. Together, the three learning domains covered – thinking, reflecting, and doing - offer rich and varied learning opportunities seeking to deepen your level of capacity far beyond what can be achieved from simply learning facts. Upon completion, you will be recognised with certification specifically developed for Australian health settings and delivered through best practice recommendations. 

Current financial members will also be eligible to progress to the OTA Endorsement Program. As a participant of this program, you will be encouraged to produce an endorsement portfolio evidencing your professional supervision learning journey and capabilities. Your portfolio will assist in preparing your application to a peer review panel, appointed by OTA, to assess your capabilities to be a Professional Supervisor. Successful assessment of your endorsement portfolio will allow you to gain endorsement as a Professional Supervisor by your member Association. 


To enrol in this program, you must fulfill all the following criteria:

  • Be registered as an Occupational Therapist
  • Have a minimum of 4 years post qualifying experience
  • Have access to both peer and supervisor / mentor occupational therapist, the latter with at least five years’ experience in providing professional supervision, and both who are available to review and provide feedback on work you complete for the duration of the eLearning program
  • Have good working knowledge, and feel confident navigating your way through, the key professional resources including but not limited to:
    • OTA Professional Supervision Framework (2019)
    • Australian Occupational Therapy Professional Code of Conduct (2014)
    • Australian Occupational Therapy Competency Standards (2018)
    • National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (2017).


At the completion of this program, participants will have a sound understanding of:

  • Foundations of professional supervision
  • Critical reflection and learning in professional supervision
  • Quality features in professional supervision
  • Creative methods for supervision across contexts and settings
  • Supervision, risk management and risk enablement
  • Business case for supervision.

Click here for more information on Supervision Program.


This course was commissioned by OTA based upon the wealth of feedback received following the membership survey in 2020 regarding clinical supervision needs. Key contributors to the development of the program collaborated over the last 18 months to the program design, contents and verification. The small team of writers were selected for their wealth of practice and education expertise in the area of clinical occupational therapy supervision.  OTA wishes to thank those involved for their robust consideration of the key concepts, supporting evidence and engagement approach to this program.


Total CPD claimable hours: 24


Registrants can commence completion of this program at any time following payment.

This resource is run through our internal learning platform. All registrants will receive an email containing information on how to access the course for the period that has been allocated to them. You will be assigned an access period of 12 weeks to complete this online course upon activation. Please be sure to check all email folders including junk and clutter. 

To ensure you receive all correspondence we recommend registering for this workshop with a personal email address.



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All information is correct at the time of publication. OTA reserves the right to alter or delete items from the CPD calendar as required, and takes no responsibility for any errors, omissions and changes.

All workshop resources including copies of the presentation, along with all supporting documents and links are not for distribution and are the property of the presenter.

An OTA staff member or representative may be photographing this event for use in OTA publications and/ or on OTA social media sites. If you do not wish to be photographed, or have your image published please make this known to the OTA representative at your course or contact OTA on 1300 682 878 or at info@otaus.com.au


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Please direct all enquiries to info@otaus.com.au or phone 1300 682 878

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