Current Issues

We are in the midst of a once in a generation change in the way health, disability and aged care services are delivered. Essentially this is a shift from block funding to a client-directed care model, with funding tailored to meet the individual’s specific needs. This shift is most noticeable at the moment in the NDIS and My Aged Care.

This represents a great new opportunity for OTs but inevitably such change gives rise to problems. OTA seeks to identify these problems and propose solutions. 

In developing submissions, media releases and its stance on important issues, OTA seeks consultation with members, interest groups and other peak professional bodies. OTA’s advocacy efforts involve regular interactions with key departmental and agency figures and, when this engagement proves less than satisfactory, approaches to the relevant government minister.

What is a Submission?

Written submissions are often called on by parliamentary committees, and other bodies conducting inquiries, including but not limited to: Royal Commissions, government departments and agencies, the Productivity Commission and the offices of the ombudsman. Submissions are a way that an inquiry can gather evidence and views about a particular issue.

Submissions are an important part of informing inquiries about an issue, and can be made by any person or organisation. Submissions put forward a case about an issue, and will often make recommendations as to what can be done about the issue.

A submission alerts the inquiring committee to how a person or organisation feels about the particular issue. The committee may incorporate the evidence and views put forward in submissions when reporting to government and making recommendations about the direction government should take going forward with respect to an issue.

OTA makes submissions to inquiries to inform and influence government and other key stakeholders about issues that are important to occupational therapists and their clients.

Also in this Section


The NDIS represents an historic opportunity to ensure certainty of support for some of Australia’s most vulnerable people.


Owing to the demands of military service, a sizeable proportion of Australian veterans require the services of an OT.

Mental Health

OTs provide strengths-based, behaviourally-oriented and goal-directed services to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Aged Care

As the Australian population ages, an increasing number of OTs will be working in the aged care sector.

Primary Health

OTA is working to ensure health professionals at the forefront of healthcare, such as GPs, understand the role of OTs.

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