Book: Doing Our Best

OTA are Pleased to Announce a new book, titled:

Doing Our Best: Individual and Community Responses to Challenging Times  

A brutal bushfire season, ongoing drought, a pandemic that has so far lasted for more than two years, and once-in-100-year floods coming twice in a month: these are the challenging scenarios many Australians have lived through in recent years.   

As individuals, families and communities we’ve been forced to respond and adapt. This adaptation is far from over. 

So what can we learn from our individual and collective responses to challenging times? How have everyday Australians adapted? What did they do that enabled them to not just cope, but in some cases thrive against the odds? 

These are some of the questions explored in the stories of ‘Doing Our Best: Individual and Community Responses to Challenging Times’ - a new book from Occupational Therapy Australia. 

Drawing on diverse voices and experiences, the book showcases how our fellow Australians have come to add meaning to their lives during challenging times. 

The hard-cover coffee table book will be published in late May and is now available for pre-order for a limited time.

 Access to the digital version will be complimentary for OTA members from mid May.

Associate Professor Carol McKinstry
President, Occupational Therapy Australia

We can dwell on the negative impacts of challenges or seek opportunities to improve and evolve. I know occupational therapists throughout the world will relate to these stories, finding inspiration from those overcoming hardship and adversity.

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Professor Gail Whiteford, answers some common questions about the Doing Our Best book.

What is Doing Our Best about?
Why does having an occupation matter in challenging times?
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"I was proud to be part of a caring community, including other health professionals and volunteers. None of what I did was particularly hi-tech, complex or magical."

Pre-Order Available Now

Doing Our Best: Individual and Community Responses to Challenging Times in Australia will be available in hardcopy form by pre-order only. To obtain your hardcopy, pre-order now by clicking below. 


  • 37 curated stories
  • Featuring authors from around Australia
  • Premium hard cover
  • 133 pages
  • Sustainably printed
  • Locally designed and printed

$45inc GST + Shipping

By Occupational Therapy Australia | Hardcover | April 2022

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