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Normal Life has been Disrupted: A free guide for managing the disruption caused by COVID-19

A short and easy-to-read guide to managing the widespread disruption caused by COVID-19 has attracted attention across the globe.

Australian occupational therapist and Monash University PhD student Lorrae Mynard’s online guide, Normal life has been disrupted: Managing the disruption caused by COVID-19, was released earlier this week, and translations are now underway into Italian, Hebrew, Czech, Slovakian and French. 

Ms Mynard’s guide explains how productivity, leisure, self-care, space, routines and roles may be impacted and suggests ways of adapting to and managing these disruptions.

“The current restrictions caused by COVID-19 are dramatically affecting how people live their everyday lives, and many will struggle to respond to the challenge effectively,” Ms Mynard said.

“I wrote the guide to help people calmly consider how they can adapt to this unusual situation.

“Filled with advice on how to do things like keeping to a routine, getting exercise, sleeping well and maintaining social connections, any reader should find a helpful takeaway.

“In the few days since publication we have been overwhelmed by the response, both from members of the public and health professionals. The guide seems to be meeting an urgent need by offering realistic suggestions in this time of crisis,” Ms Mynard said.

Ms Mynard’s effective tips for adjusting to the new normal in an uncertain world serves to highlight the important role of occupational therapists, particularly at this time of rapid change and uncertainty.

Dr Elizabeth Williams, a Melbourne General Practitioner, writes: 

In these difficult times, we all need clear and practical advice on how to manage our day-to-day activities. This guide provides such advice in an informative, easy-to-read format. Highly recommended! 

Australia has more than 22,000 occupational therapists. Many of these registered health professionals work in hospitals, the community sector, aged care and disability services and, as such, are at the coal face of the fight against COVID-19.

“We could not be more grateful or proud of our members, and of all the health professionals working tirelessly to help flatten the curve, keep the community safe, and educate, inform and reassure the community,” said Ms Sam Hunter, Chief Executive Officer of Occupational Therapy Australia, the peak body for occupational therapists and publisher of Normal life has been disrupted.

The guide has been published on the Occupational Therapy Australia website and is free to download for the public and health practitioners.

A poster is also available for use in clinics or public spaces.

Guide: https://bit.ly/2Ulksxz 
Poster: https://bit.ly/2xVuUEu


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