Connecting OTA with the Top End

Hitting the ground running, Miriam Hobson, SA & NT Divisional Manager visited with staff from Darwin phn, the Health Providers Alliance and Private Hospital staff on her first day in the Territory. Discussing the role of OTs in the rural and remote settings of the Territory, it was positive to hear the breadth and depth of skills available to consumers in the region.

The next few days included discussions with representatives from Headspace, Capentaria, private practice and palliative care. It was fortunate that University Integrated Awards for NT AHP student supervision were able to be attended where the effervescent Florence Goland OT won the Innovative Supervisor category. Further sessions were held between Miriam and senior health staff including Heather Malcom (Chief Allied Health Advisor, ADD), who spoke at the annual divisional meeting the same week.

The NT annual divisional meeting was well attended by members in both Darwin and Alice Springs and included a hand over of chair from Fiona Tipping to Alison Walker who is well positioned to lead the council in the coming two years of association activities. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Fiona for her dedication and productive time as the outgoing NT chair.

All up, the trip provided many positive opportunities to build deeper connections between NT members and OTA staff. The range of services planned for the NT will provide members with multiple occasions to develop their skills, hear about key services developments in the region, have their voices represented as well as and connect with each other in 2020.

Julia Swenson CEO and Miriam Hobson at Territory Therapy Solutions

Miriam Hobson and OTA DM, Fiona Tipping visiting Carpentaria Therapy Services

Miriam Hobson and OTA DM, Fiona Tipping visiting Harrys Place

Northern Territory Annual Divisional Meeting 2019

NT AHP student awards Dec 2019 Alice Springs line up

Susan Witt Flinders Uni, Florance Goland winner and Miriam Hobson at NT AHP student awards 2019


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