Management and Psychological Treatment of Eating Disorders in Adults

The Australia & New Zealand Academy of Eating Disorders (ANZAED) are holding a three-day workshop on 'Management and Psychological Treatment of Eating Disorders in Adults'. The three-day workshop will be held in Sydney from Thursday 17 October to Saturday 19 October and is aimed at health professionals who are interested in providing treatment for adults with eating disorders. OTA members are eligible for the ANZAED members discounted rate of $720 for the full workshop.

The workshop is designed to give practitioners core skills in assessing and planning treatment, establishing a safe therapeutic framework to manage risks and comorbidities, and conduct effective treatments. The focus will be on adults with severe and complex eating disorders in particular anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. The comprehensive three-day workshop is designed to prepare practitioners to be ready to accept referrals under the new Medicare item numbers for eating disorders. Clinical skills that are core principles of eating disorder treatments will be taught over the three-days and are drawn from a range of evidence-based treatments such as SSCM, MANTRA and Focal Psychodynamic Therapy. The workshop is aimed at developing practitioners' capacity to respond to any stage of readiness for change and increase motivation.

Registration for the workshop is available via this link. The code that members need to provide when registering to access the OTA member discount for the workshop is DISCMEM19.

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