OT Week 2019 Around the World

In preparation for OT Week 2019 (and OT Day 2019, 27 October), we’re taking a look at how our profession is being celebrated across the world:

  • International (WFOT): The global theme for this year is “Improving World Health and Wellbeing”, and WFOT offers a number of resources and graphics to download
  • New Zealand: OT Week in New Zealand will run from the 21-25 October, with World OT Day rounding off the week on the 27th 
  • United Kingdom: Running 4-10 November, OT Week in the UK will focus on the theme: Small Change, Big Impact
  • Italy: On 26 October the Italian Association will be celebrating with their event: “The Occupational Therapist: Skills and quality at the service of the citizen
  • Netherlands: Ergotherapie Nederland is calling on OTs to make a short video of a story about ergotherapy and what it means to their clients, their community or themselves
  • Brazil: The occasion was celebrated earlier this week on 13 October—the anniversary of the regulation of the profession in Brazil
  • Canada: With the entire month of October a celebrating of OT, our Canadian peers are running the interactive campaign: “If an OT were prime minister then…
  • Please note: This is not an exhaustive list of OT Day/Week celebrations and other associations (including South Africa, Singapore, Argentina, Mexico and America) celebrate at other times throughout the year 

And of course here in Australia, we’re getting behind our #ThisIsOT campaign to raise awareness of the value that occupational therapists bring to their communities.

Together we will shine a spotlight on how OTs work to support people of all abilities to engage in activities they find meaningful.

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