RCOT Release Guide for OTs: People Recovering from COVID-19

The pandemic of COVID-19 has affected service provision globally and has led to collaboration of international rehabilitation experts, such as occupational therapists, to deliver services that are targeted to long term recovery and optimisation of functional ability.

The United Kingdom occupational therapists, on behalf of The Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT), have developed a guide to support the ongoing management of people recovering from COVID-19, with recommendations that can be implemented to the Australian context. View the guide here.

This brief guide provides an initial approach to facilitate the immediate assessment and treatment of factors to consider for those who required a hospital admission due to COVID-19. The critical care and inpatient rehabilitation phases translate well to the Australian health care system, however, there needs to be local translation regarding community and outpatient clinics based on a differing funding and service provision model.

This document highlights approaches that may be adapted to ensure a continuum of recovery is addressed targeting a more expansive geographical nature and increased requirement of hub and spoke models.

Andrea Rapolthy-Beck
Occupational Therapist – Logan Hospital, Brisbane/University of Queensland

Cecile Prescott
Occupational Therapist – Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane

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