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SA Occupational Therapists to be Readmitted to PARS Referral Process

OTA is delighted to inform SA members that, after a lobbying effort overseen by our new Divisional Manager, Miriam Hobson, OTs have been readmitted to the Personal Alert Systems Rebate (PARS) referral process.  

OTA lobbied public servants following the decision to exclude OTs from the referral process, pointing out that the knowledge base of OTs renders them ideally suited to the task of case management aimed at falls prevention for those at risk. This case management role should include the capacity to refer clients to the PARS scheme, as it has in the past, and the decision to exclude OTs was therefore inexplicable.

After some follow-up lobbying, and very productive collaboration with agency heads, the SA Government has agreed to reinstate OTs to the referral process.

This represents a win for OTs in South Australia.

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