Supporting Online Connection: OTA Special Interest Groups

The SA Driver’s Special Interest Group (SIG) met via Zoom recently to include a mix of regional and metropolitan OTA members. Feedback from OTA Members who attended was very positive resulting in a firm commitment to continue with the online format.

The April 2020 session of the SA Driver’s SIG was a timely discussion on the adaption of their services to the current legislative requirements to address the COVID-19 outbreak as well as a journal review regarding the use of assistive devices and seatbelt security.

Each participant took turns to share their respective practice changes in the current context and to be updated about changes in the sector as well as OTA resources for Driver Trained OTs. There was a valuable sharing of tips for effective management of OT driving clinics with the existing social distancing protocols including the use of WHS guidance, PPE, encrypted assessment tools and use of tele-health formats.

Additionally, professional development was delivered via a power point presentation which shared for the group followed by a discussion about the content. In moving the group fully online, members of the SA Drivers’ SIG were invited to attend their regular discussion session via zoom by the group’s Chair(s) including ground rules, easy to follow instructions for the agenda, and an option to test their connection ahead of time.

The zoom format allowed for the presentation on seatbelts to be shared into locations several hundred miles apart with some participants choosing to share video or use backdrop images to maintain their privacy. OTA and the group were thankful to the Chair(s) for their time commitment and efforts towards creating this successful adaptation to Zoom, maintaining their important work in providing a constructive peer support event. The turn out for the interest group was larger than normal and many participants have requested a continuation of this option in the future!

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