Update From the OTA Board re COVID-19

Yesterday’s COVID-19 email update (with the policy position of the federal government and advice provided by our Professional Practice Team) has created some confusion. We have sought clarification from our OTA Board of Directors who advise members to follow relevant health department advice and also to use their judgement guided by experience, tailored to the resources available, with the safety of all at front of mind. We ask OTs to continue to innovate in how they deliver their services in the safest way possible.

Full Board Position
The Board of Occupational Therapy Australia encourage all members to stay abreast of the rapidly changing and dynamic environment in which we are currently working. Our staff work to provide timely advice and communications as circumstances move across both State and Federal jurisdictions.

We advise members to continue to work within your scope of practice whilst implementing the highest possible health and safety measures for your staff, yourselves, your clients and the community at large. Occupational therapists working outside the hospital system and directly with clients play a vital role in keeping clients well in the community, and importantly at this time, keeping them from hospital admissions.

We ask that you continually conduct and update risk assessments, utilize telehealth where you are able to, stay abreast of how COVID-19 is escalating in your area, and heed any changes to instructions from the Department of Health. Please stay connected with OTA for further information as we navigate this changing landscape together.

OTA Board of Directors

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