Occupational therapy continues to play a vital role in COVID-19 rehabilitation and recovery, especially in navigating the ongoing impairments caused by Long COVID.

April 2023
The Parliamentary Inquiry into long COVID and repeated infections has released the report 'Sick and Tired: Casting a long shadow'

Update 27 January 2023: OTA's Submission to the Long Covid Parliamentary Inquiry is submission number 179 and is available at the webpage here. Alternatively, you can download a copy here

OTA Members had the opportunity to attend a Long COVID Hot Topic workshop on 31 August 2022, which provided support on emerging challenges and guidance on current practice.

A multitude of these resources, information and useful links can be found below.

OTA HOT Topic 31st Aug 2022:

  • OTA Members can access the Powerpoint slides from the recent Hot Topic event here.







Consumer resources:

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