The Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve and members may be concerned about their own health and the health of consumers. We are aware that many occupational therapists are working in settings where their workplaces will have the appropriate processes in place. For those who may be working outside of these structures, we direct concerned members to the World Health Organisation for updates and advice. OTA recommends that members familiarise themselves with the WHO’s protective measures, including washing your hands frequently, social distancing, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, and more.

The New Normal: Navigating Everyday Life During COVID-19

We are pleased to share that the follow-up to the (very) popular ebook "Normal Life Has Been Disrupted" is now available to download and share. Developed by Lorrae Mynard, this new guide (“The New Normal: Navigating Everyday Life During COVID-19”) explores ideas and prompts for reflection to help tailor a new normal that’s right for you. Download the full guide here.

Normal life has been disrupted: Managing the disruption caused by COVID-19

Occupational Therapist and OTA Member Lorrae Mynard has published the ebook - Normal life has been disrupted: a guide for managing disruption to occupational participation. The guide presents occupational concepts of productivity, leisure, self-care, environment, routine and roles in plain language and presents suggestions and examples of how to adapt and manage the disruption to occupational participation. It was designed for use by the general public. Occupational therapists may find it a useful resource for supporting consumers with managing the present situation, and for sharing with others in their own personal and professional networks. An accompanying pdf poster is available to promote the guide. The link and/or pdf guide and poster may be shared freely. This guide has now been translated into over 10 other languages, click here to view available translations. 

Telehealth Guideline and Checklist

To help members accommodate a change in practice, we have compiled guidelines for practice using telehealth. These guidelines cover practical and ethical considerations for implementing clinical care using telehealth. Access them here.

Please note the advice given on the COVID-19 resource pages is of general nature and members are encouraged to seek individual expert advice that may be applicable for their practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As our members ask questions about how they will be effected during this outbreak, we will continually add to this page for your reference.

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