Neurology and ABI

This Special Interest Group is open to all OTA members working in or with an interest in neurology and acquired brain injury. 

These groups aim to:

  • Provide members with education sessions about a wide range of topics 
  • Facilitate cross-centre networking and sharing of resources
  • Contribute to recruitment and participation in relevant research relating to neurological topics
  • Share new initiatives and evidence based practice related to neurology and ABI

Current SIGs:

To join a SIG update your preferences under the member dashboard.

SIG members can access meeting resources on the group webpages below 

Groups Convenors
WA Neurology & ABI Joanna Grzech & Carlo Divita
NSW Neurology & ABI Michelle Butler
VIC Neurology & ABI Brittni Nielsen & Eloise Thompson

Upcoming Meetings:

SIG members will be notified of upcoming meetings by email

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