Pressure Management

This Interest Group (IG) is open to all OTA members working in or with an interest in the area of Pressure Management Occupational Therapy. 

The pressure management interest group is convened to facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing, and professional development among Australian Occupational Therapists. 

The primary objectives are:
1. Nurture a community of connected occupational therapists whose practice encompasses positioning and pressure management of people in any setting: build relationships and provide a sense of belonging; nurture novice therapists; share ideas and expertise

2. Grow the capacity of Australian Occupational Therapists in seating, positioning and pressure care: promote and discuss best practice; share knowledge, advance Occupational Therapy knowledge and research about supporting the occupations and wellbeing of people who are at risk. 

3. Advocate for the role of Occupational Therapy in promoting the health and wellbeing of people with seating, positioning and pressure care needs, within Australian research, health, aged care and disability environments. 

Current IGs:

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 Group   Convenors
 National Pressure Management        Michelle Kersten, Kristy Coxon & Anna Rose


Upcoming Meetings:

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