Private Practice Toolkit

Private Practice Toolkit

Helping the profession grow

The private practice toolkit has been developed by OTA to serve OTs who are starting a private practice, or are in the early stages of their private practice. It serves as an in-depth resource to cover key business areas, from registering a business, to building knowledge in recruitment, marketing and insurance.

What you can expect

Build your knowledge and practice

Built in conjunction with industry experts, the Private Practice Toolkit showcases insights that can be taken into action. 

  • 3 in-depth components: Framework to strategically plan you practice, Information to support business registration and set-up and Technical deep dives with subject matter experts.
  • Develop your plan: Covering key planning elements for any small business.
  • Business structures and common registration requirements: Including 2 videos, frequently asked questions, different funding schemes OT's work under and access to resources to support your understanding of business registration and setup.
  • Deep dive with industry experts: A technical deep dive, with topics based on OTA member questions and feedback, including 5 sections covering Insurance fundamentals, defensible documentation and legal reports, resilience and psychological safety at work, recruitment and ethical marketing.

What is included in the Private Practice Toolkit

Find the components below

Component 1

Component 1 covers an overview of the role of a leader in private practice, strategic planning, and then working through 5 steps to plan your practice strategically. With corresponding workbook activities and checklists to help users reflect on their progress. By the end, users develop a plan of action for their private practice, including a financial management process, developing purpose and values, assessing risk and opportunities, process, policies and procedures and setting goals. 

Introduction to strategic planning is designed to provide a structured framework to help you strategically plan your private practice business.

It includes:

  • Private practice leadership
  • Strategic planning overview

Visualise is designed to get you to reflect on your vision, purpose and values - why your purpose exists; what you're working towards and gets you to pinpoint your values. It includes interactive online content and corresponding worksheet exercises.

Analyse makes your drill down into your planning, assessing risks, capabilities and opportunities. This includes the online interactive modules and corresponding worksheet exercises.

It includes:

  • Pestle analysis - assessing external threats and opportunities
  • SWOT analysis - assess your capabilities
  • Assess your team
  • Business risks - analysing your business risks

Establish is about your client and services, team, branding and policies. How you are going to establish your business to everyone involved. This works through the online modules with worksheets, including examples and prompts.

It includes:

  • Process, policy & procedures- mapping, designing & documenting your processes, policies & procedures
  • Your client & services- your target clients; service capability; pricing
  • Your team - supporting your team to perform well; designing the right team structure; engaging your team; creating a strong culture
  • Branding - why branding is important; competitive positioning; conducting a competitor analysis; brand personality; brand messaging

Step #4 covers setting out your strategic plan, planning and measuring your business. In addition to the online modules, this step includes webinar content, budget templates to use, worksheets and examples to support your progress.

This includes:

  • Strategic plan - create your strategic plan; set objectives and key results; KPIs
  • Financial management - establish a financial model; set a 12-month budget; monthly management reports; profit & loss forecasting; managing cashflow- video
  • Measure productivity and capacity - calculate your team capacity and productivity

Execute focuses on challenges in bringing your strategic plan to life. Looking at how you can continue to communicate and lead your through your strategy. Includes an online module and worksheet exercises to complete.

It includes:

  • Your leadership plan - meeting & communication structure; your other responsibilities as a leader

Component 2

Component 2 covers information on business structures and common registrations to be aware of and consider when setting up your practice. This will include setting up cloud based accounting, funding schemes OT's work under and FAQs based on OT enquiries and feedback. 


This section includes webinar content from SEIVA and interactive modules to work through.

It includes:

  • Business structures overview and common registrations to be aware of
  • Common funding schemes occupational therapist work with
  • Setting up cloud-based accounting software
  • Deciding on a practice setting
  • Clinical governance and safe client care
  • Frequently asked questions

Component 3

Component 3 covers deep dives by industry experts from Insurance, recruitment, documentation & legal reports, resilience & safety and marketing. Delivered in a range of content forms deep dives give users insights they can action within their practice.


Deep dives are an in-depth looks at key business topics by experts. This includes webinar content and interactive modules, designed to be taken in any order.

Insurance fundamentals, presented by AON
  • Key insurance considerations, common insurance requirements and other insurance types to consider
  • Contractors- working as a contractor or employing a contractor
  • Key actions for setting up your insurance
  • Key insurance terms to be familiar with
  • Frequently asked questions
Defensible documentation, and legal reports presented by Maurice Blackburn
  • Clinical record keeping- What should be kept in a clinical record; principles of good record keeping; storage of clinical records; frequently asked questions
  • Legal reports- Types of litigation that involve reports; confidentiality, consent & client privilege; writing reports
Resilience & psychological safety at work, presented by Toni Knight
  • Maintaining resilience as a private practice owner
  • Emotional mastery for self-employed occupational therapists
  • Creating psychosocial safety in your practice
Recruitment, presented by MediRecruit
  • Market Overview and current trends in recruitment of occupational therapists
  • Attracting the right therapist to your practice
  • From interviewing through to hiring
  • Seeking professional advice
Ethical marketing and AHPRA guidelines, presented by Market Savvy
  • Overview of marketing and introduction to an ethical marketing system
  • 4 steps to marketing an allied health practice and overview of the AHPRA advertising guidelines

Meet the expert contributors

Input from experts and market leaders ensures the best information is available to private practitioners.  

Brent Szalay

SEIVA are business enthusiasts, accounting experts and industry educators who genuinely care about making people happy, not just wealthy. SEIVA understand that sound business decisions need more than just the numbers to stack up. They know that positive change starts with a strategic plan. Establishing a clear vision and purpose. Devising clever tactics to accelerate action and core values to align culture. In this resource you will see videos from Brent Szalay, Managing director at SEIVA. Brent’s expertise includes strategic planning, financial management, driving leadership and culture. Brent has used his experience to develop leadership programs for people in business which have had over 2,000 leaders complete the program. He’s highly influential in the accounting industry, being recently awarded the Henry Fox award for his outstanding contribution to Public Practice and has been awarded the Wellness Initiative of the Year 2 years running (2019 and 2020) at the Australian Accounting Awards for his mindset book TryPositive

Toni Knight

Toni Knight is a psychotherapist, author and presenter with experience in treating burnout, anxiety and trauma. Toni is also an evangelist for the wellbeing of professional caregivers - therapists, healers and caseworkers. Toni trained as a psychologist and has over 20 years of experience in supporting people to create and enjoy values-centred lives through individual counselling, burnout-prevention training and programs, and providing professional supervision

Clare Jones & Danielle Weedon

MediRecruit was established in 2001, and fast became Australia’s leading healthcare, recruitment consultancy. Founders and Directors’ Clare Jones and Danielle Weedon studied Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland and University of Melbourne respectively. Coming from healthcare backgrounds themselves, Clare and Danielle have extensive knowledge that spans across the Allied Health landscape. They know what it takes to run a business and have worked closely with private practice owners across Australia for over 20 years.  

Stacey Tonkin

Stacey Tonkin's role is within the Aon Affinity business in Australia in the Health Sector which covers the needs of over 50,000 health professionals. Stacey’s experience in the insurance sector spans more than 30 years.  Stacey has gained strong technical skills during her years in Insurance Broking with roles with a number of international brokers including managing various schemes and commercial portfolios. Stacy has a Diploma of Financial Services (Insurance Broking)

Megan Walker

Megan Walker, Director Market Savvy, is a health and medical marketing professional with over 25 years’ experience promoting, teaching and coaching health professionals on how to reach more people and change more lives through ethical marketing and online courses.

Andrew McKenzie

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers is the preferred legal partner for Occupational Therapy Australia and specialise in compensation law, public liability, employment law, superannuation claims, wills and estates planning and insurance claims. Maurice Blackburn offers Occupational Therapy Australia members free telephone advice and a free first consultation. 

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Available now for both members and non-members, the Private Practice Toolkit is the perfect resource for private practitioners.

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  • Access to the workbook with activities that support private practice business planning, including 80+ worksheets and checklists
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Want to learn more?

The Private Practice Toolkit covers a range of topics and in-depth information. You can find answers to common questions below.

Once purchased, participants will have 6 months access to the Toolkit

It is important to note that this is a toolkit rather than a learning program so there are no learning objectives attached. The toolkit is a self-directed resource that you can work through at your own pace, as you need it. Participants have 6 months to work through the content.

The Toolkit covers a variety of content that has been separated out into three components. These include (1) Strategically plan your practice (2) Get your private practice business registered and set up (3) Dive further with industry experts. You will get access to all three components when you purchase the Toolkit.

The Toolkit has been designed so that the three components complement each other therefore it can only be purchased as a full suite.

The Deep Dive component of the Toolkit provides you with a series of shorter videos/content/downloadable materials so that you can ‘dive’ further into a specific topic. Deep dives are designed to be viewed individually and have been created in partnership with a range of industry subject matter experts.

The Private Practice Toolkit has been created with emerging and existing private practice owners in mind. The Toolkit provides resources and tools that are applicable to people who are in the early phases of running a private practice business.

The Private Practice Toolkit has been created with emerging and existing private practice owners in mind. The Toolkit provides resources and tools that are applicable to people who are in the early phases of running a private practice business.

The Private Practice Toolkit has been created with emerging and existing private practice owners in mind. If you are an experienced occupational therapist who is thinking about starting a private practice business then this Toolkit is one resource that will support you to create the foundation for a successful private practice.

The Private Practice Toolkit is hosted on OTA’s learning management system. All you need to access it is a laptop or desktop computer (or a mobile device) and a good internet connection.

Completion of this Toolkit will not automatically be recorded in your OTA CPD Tracker. It is the individual responsibility of occupational therapists to determine whether any components of this Toolkit meet their requirements under the AHPRA Registration Standard for Continuous Professional Development. We encourage you to refer to the CPD Standard in making this determination.

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