Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Occupational Therapy Australia convenes numerous special interest groups throughout Australia bringing together like-minded members interested in a particular area of occupational therapy practice to discuss various practice issues.

These groups engage in peer support, networking, CPD activities, and policy and resource development including the development of Position Statements and competency standards.

OTA Special Interest Groups (SIG) are engaged as reference points for key stakeholders such as local and federal government when seeking an experienced clinician to assist in a particular area. The groups provide resources for Occupational Therapy Australia to draw on for expert opinion on particular issues.

Any material, content or resources shared and discussed at special interest groups is general in nature and is used to guide peer discussion and support only. Occupational Therapy Australia encourages all participants to think critically and appraise the content for individual circumstances. Occupational Therapy Australia does not necessarily endorse content delivered in these formats and accepts no liability for any consequences resulting from adhering to the content shared at special interest groups

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