Occupational Rehabilitation & Work


Any member of Occupational Therapy Australia who is interested in, or who is currently working in, the area of Occupational Rehabilitation and Work is invited to join this special interest group and is eligible to attend these meetings.


This Special Interest Group for Occupational Rehabilitation and Work aims to:

  • Provide an opportunity for students and new graduates to join the industry
  • Provide professional development opportunities and support
  • Be a forum for discussion and current research topics
  • Provide opportunities for networking and informal sharing of resources for all those involved in the field of workplace health and wellbeing, including rehabilitation
  • Encourage Evidence Based Practice through group analysis and discussion of research
  • Establish links with other related professional associations in the field of occupational rehabilitation, including the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) and Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association (ARPA).
  • Establish collaboration with other Interest Groups where relevant such as Mental Health Interest Group.

For more information or to request to join a group please contact OTA.

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