Agreed Residential Mandatory Accessibility Requirements

OTA is pleased to report that on 30 April, 2021 the Australian Building Ministers agreed to include mandatory minimum accessibility standards in the National Construction Code – to the Silver Level. The Gold standard will also be included in the NCC as a ‘technical referral’, meaning states and territories can decide to upgrade to Gold Level voluntarily. This standard is in effect from September next year and requires all new houses to be built to the new accessible standard.

OTA played a key role in the campaign for greater accessibility in residential dwellings, writing to all nine Building Ministers, emphasising the lasting value of accessibility standards for all Australians, and for generations to come. This was in conjunction with in person meetings with senior public servants to underline the importance of accessibility in our communities. OTA acknowledges the great work of the team of OTA volunteers who attended these meetings.

OTA also acknowledges the other organisations that fought for the new standards, as part of the Building Better Homes Campaign, and joins with them in celebrating “a big win for people with disability, seniors and indeed all Australians.”

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