The Commonwealth Government have developed a national goods, equipment and assistive technology (GEAT) initiative under the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) called GEAT2Go. CHSP clients can utilise some of their CHSP funds for GEAT under this initiative. Indigo (Independent Living Centre WA) have been tendered as the national GEAT2Go provider which officially commenced on 16th August 2021.

Occupational Therapists and aged care assessors, such as RAS and ACAT assessors, can access the GEAT2Go via a portal following registration and authorisation. Authorised users can select a list of GEAT off the portal and arrange for the local supplier or the national GEAT2Go provider to arrange delivery and fitting. The portal has restrictions built in to ensure authorised users prescribe within their scope of practice. Additionally, GEAT2Go Occupational Therapists can be contacted to assist with prescriptions.

CHSP funding for aids and equipment should be considered when no other GEAT providers exists and not in place of state-funded aids and equipment programs. However, if the local GEAT provider is over-subscribed, unable to supply the item required or the waiting times for state funding is lengthy, then CHSP GEAT2Go may be considered.

OT Australia is actively monitoring the rollout of this program and welcome feedback from members.

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