NDIS Update: Independent Assessment (IA)

Following our communications with NDIA, Brett Bennett, General Manager (NDIA) has made a commitment to work with AHPA and OTA (as a member of AHPA) on the key aspects of the proposed independent assessment tools. They have now released their Independent Assessment Pilot Evaluation findings, and the details of their selection of the IA tools for your information. We encourage you to review these documents and contact OTA if you have any additional concerns or feedback to provide. We will continue to advocate for your concerns and keep you informed of any further developments. 

NDIA have advised that they are reviewing and responding to key questions received through various mechanisms, including our ongoing sector consultation and social media. Should there be any particular areas of focus you would like to see addressed by NDIA you may also connect with them directly through any of these mechanisms. You will find further information and updates on the NDIA IA assessment process and framework through the following links:

Please don’t hesitate to contact OTA if you have any additional queries or concerns regarding the NDIA Independent Assessments.

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