VicRoads Update: Online Medical Reports

VicRoads online medical report has been made available for GPs, medical specialists and optometrists to complete patient fitness to drive assessments.

We know many OTs support clients/carers with the medical review process. The benefit for OTs to encourage patients and the health professionals they have contact with to use this form is that the overall time for completion and submission to VicRoads will be shorter. That means their patient will be advised of progress regarding their medical review process much faster. (Current paper form submissions must allow up to two weeks of delivery with Australia Post.)

This information is relevant not just to OT driving assessors, but to any OT who is supporting an adolescent/adult client with a fitness to drive or driver rehabilitation intervention.

For medical practitioners/optometrists, the online form is a quick, easy and secure way to submit patient fitness to drive information. Using the platform is easy; all required fields are highlighted and each section of the report includes a link to the relevant Austroads Assessing Fitness to Drive (AFTD) standards for easy reference – no more flicking through a book to find the relevant section.

The details of patients who are known to VicRoads can be pre-populated and smart new features allow draft reports to be saved and submitted later. Medical practitioners and optometrists can also easily download a PDF version for their records or to give to their patient. A reference number is automatically generated, supporting patients’ follow-up with VicRoads to fulfil their reporting obligations.

Each medical practitioner/optometrist will have a unique home page which they will create only once; when they do their first fitness to drive medical assessment. The health professional’s home page will show any saved drafts, as well as every digital report that they submit for two years.

Visit the “Information for Health Professionals” page on the VicRoads website

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