WorkSafe Review: Transferring People Safely Document

The current Transferring People Safely document is still widely used in the industry both locally, nationally and internationally. We are seeking help to redesign the guidance so that is both useful to people undertaking these tasks, people in control of the way the work is done and the workplaces it is done in, and people who are required to advise or regulate safe work practice.

As part of this review we want to consult with the industry to ensure the guidance is relevant and relatable across the different sub-sectors in healthcare and social assistance. We will be conducting some workshops to understand how best to rewrite this guidance so that it is suitable for the industry. Ideally, we would love to speak with OTs that specialise in acute care, aged care, disability, neurological and rehabilitation that commonly undertake patient handling.

We are proposing that the workshops will go for half a day and will run either face-to-face in a Melbourne location or online depending on the current restrictions at the time. We are aiming to schedule them in around August/September 2020.

To view the document, click here.

To be involved please contact:
Jade Liston
03 4243 7553

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