Mental Health Foundations


Mental health foundations BY OTA

Supporting the development of foundational capabilities in mental health practice

Mental Health Foundations by OTA delivers comprehensive learning and development resources to assist with the development of foundational mental health capabilities.

Developed by OTs for OTs, the foundational learning and development modules are grounded in the OTA mental health capability framework and support the pathway to mental health endorsement.


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Foundation Modules

Mental Health Assessment and Planning (MHA1232)

All occupational therapists require the ability to use a range of different assessment tools and to use these as a foundation for the development of appropriate clinical formulation, diagnoses and planning of supports and therapeutic interventions.

Mental Health Systems, Diagnoses and Co-occurring Factors (MHS1268)

This module will provide you with new knowledge in mental health systems, diagnoses and co-occurring factors from a uniquely occupational therapy perspective.

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OTA Resources


Mental Health Endorsement

The OTA mental health endorsement program provides recognition of the additional knowledge, skills and experience of OTs focusing their scope of practice on mental health.


Mental Health Capability Framework

The mental health capability framework proposes a series of capabilities that occupational therapists practising in mental health settings should seek to achieve at different career stages.



OTA is focused on raising awareness of the role of OTs in the mental health sector, and calling for increased visibility, funding and opportunities for mental health occupational therapists.

Mental health CPD

Search for continuing professional development modules and events related to mental health practice.

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