Supervision Program

Take your OT career to the next level

Professional Supervision Program


12 weeks. Self-led. Interactive eLearning.

Developed in direct response to member feedback, our Supervision Program will enable you to take your career to the next level and support the next generation of OTs.

The Professional Supervision Program will set you up to confidently undertake best practise supervision.

Developed in direct response to member feedback, this program has its roots in OTA’s Professional Supervision Framework, published in 2019.

Upon completion, you’ll be recognised as a skilled professional supervisor, a transferable skill across settings and regions. Health organisations and employers will easily recognise your established knowledge and capabilities for the delivery of professional supervision.

Through active engagement in this program, you will be able to:

  • Deliver quality supervision aligned to established standards and evidence-based frameworks
  • Adopt a range of techniques to provide inclusive supervision
  • Engage in critical reflection to enhance your supervision practice
  • Use supervision to support risk management and risk enablement
  • Review the effectiveness of supervision within your team.

This program is delivered through a self-led, practical eLearning platform. We recommend completing this program in 12 weeks, however you will have 6 months access to the program content.

You will receive a practice-integrated activity workbook which will guide you through each module containing multiple interactive activities, encouraging the immediate integration of your learning into your work.

You will receive a practice-integrated activity workbook which will guide you through each module containing multiple interactive activities, encouraging the immediate integration of your learning into your work.

Program Outline

The OTA Supervision Program consists of 6 modules, each with a set of learning objectives. Each module should take approximately 3 hours to complete, with an additional 2 hours of work per module required for workplace learning and assessment activities.

Module 1: Foundations of professional supervision

Module 2: Critical reflection and learning in professional supervision

Module 3: Quality features in professional supervision

Module 4: Creative methods for supervision across contexts and settings

Module 5: Supervision, risk management and risk enablement

Module 6: Building the case for supervision


Download a course guide for more information about what you’ll learn in each module.

Learning domains

Each module will explore three learning domains, offering rich and varied opportunities that will deepen your knowledge far beyond what can be achieved from learning facts. Each module will either help you:



Respond and attend to how you feel


Try things out in practice



I highly recommend this program to all OTs who have (or hope to have) a supervisory role

Kimmy | Director, OT & EFT Practicioner, Be You Occupational Therapy Pty Ltd

Supervision is a critical part of ensuring good practice for occupational therapists. It enables professional growth and development. Gaining access to supervision for some occupational therapists has been challenging so the OTA Supervision Program will enable better access and confidence for all involved

Carol McKinstry | National President, OTA

A great step towards re-normalising supervision in practice!

Dale Htaeh Elad | OTA Member

Easy to read content. Videos are engaging and easy listening – well done!

Ali Dymmott | Lecturer, OT - Flinders University



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Good Supervision leads to results

Employer benefits

The foundational content of the OTA Supervision Program is the Occupational Therapy Australia’s Professional Supervision Framework (2019). A strong supervisory team that contributes to a positive work environment and enables employees to be and feel successful, can provide your organisation with a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining talented employees.

When staff participate in this flexible learning approach, organisations will reap the benefits of improved service delivery, an advantage in recruitment and retention, as well as increased workforce well-being.

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