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In addition to this course, the Sleepwise eManual is a useful Resource which is also available for purchase. If you have a previous edition of the eManual please note that a new and extensively updated Manual is now available.

It is not essential to have the Manual to complete the Sleep with Disability Course.

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This series of 6 webinars is intended to provide information as presented in the two day training for allied health and educational professionals also facilitated by Annie O'Connell. The training has evolved from experience, participants feedback and further research.

The modules in this series include: 

  1. Sleep Education.
  2. Prevalence & Types of Sleep Disturbances; Use of  Screening tools, Sleep Diary & Sleep Interview.
  3. Preparation for a Sleep Plan; Establish a routine; Behavioural strategies Part A & Case Studies.
  4. Behavioural strategies Part B; Communication Strategies Resources and Case Studies.
  5. Sensory strategies- light therapy; Positive Reinforcement; Goal Setting.
  6. Selecting a Sleep Strategy; Monitoring Sleep Plans; Sleepwise Research.

While each webinar is 45 minutes in duration you are asked to pause the webinar while activities are completed. For example in Webinar One there are two activities - calculating your average sleep and compiling the pros and cons of co-sleeping.  Please allow extra time for these activities.


This series is suitable for Student & Beginner OTs as well as Allied Health Therapists and Educators who support families with children in the home, paediatric or community setting. 


Practitioners who undertake this training will be able to:
1. Understand the stages and cycles of sleep and need for sleep.
2. Interpret sleep diaries.
3. Appraise a sleep history.
4. Identify possible sleep disturbance.
5. Recognise indicators for referral to specialised services.
6. Consider a child and family’s readiness to commence intervention to reduce sleep disturbance.
7. Review strategies to reduce sleep disturbance.
8. Develop a sleep plan based on communication, sensory and behavioural strategies.
9. Set sleep goals.
10. Monitor and adapt a sleep plan.

How will this webinar enable participants to work occupationally with clients/patients?

Sleep needs to be recognized for its quantity, quality and timing as an important element in the attainment of work, self-care and play and leisure activities. Occupational therapists have a unique role in identifying sleep disturbance, as part of their assessment of an individual and family’s daily activity routines, participation and occupational performance.  Allied Health therapists and educators are in a prime position to address sleep problems by developing individualized sleep plans based on the family needs using communication, sensory and behavioral strategies.



Annie O’Connell



Annie is an occupational therapist with over 30 years of experience and has worked in a variety of paediatric settings in Australia and overseas.

In 2003 Annie completed her M.App.Sc (OT) by research investigating ‘Sleep Disturbance in Children with Autism and the use of a Waterbed’.

From 2003 to 2015 Annie was the Lead Practitioner for the ‘Sleepwise project’ addressing sleep disturbance in young people with developmental disabilities developed by Child and Youth Services, Disability Services in SA.  Two research grants from the Apex Foundation For Research Into Intellectual Disability Limited allowed the evaluation of the Sleepwise approach for children 2–6 years of age and 8–18 years of age.


As this is a self-paced course the hours it takes to complete will vary from person to person. Please use your discretion regarding CPD hours in relation to the time taken to complete this series. It is the responsibility of the individual to upload this CPD activity into the CPD tracker. 8 Hours is stated on your certificate as a guide.

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