Neurology and ABI


Any member of Occupational Therapy Australia who works in Neurology, or who has an interest in Occupational Therapy practice in the area of Neurology, is eligible to attend these meetings.


The Neurology Interest Group aims to:

  • Provide members with education sessions about a wide range of topics generated by members such as reviews of existing or new assessments, and interventions specific to neurological conditions such as stroke, MS, etc.
  • Consult with the Association and relevant government departments to develop guidelines, and provide expertise for consultation on neurological issues and policy.
  • Facilitate cross-centre networking and sharing of resources.
  • Contribute to recruitment and participation in relevant research relating to neurological topics.
  • Provide/promote ongoing professional development to encourage up-to-date knowledge and practice for OTs practicing in Neurology

For more information or to request to join a group please contact OTA.

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