Honorary Life Membership Nominations

The Lifetime Achievement Award is granted to Occupational Therapy Australia members who have shown meritorious services in the field of occupational therapy while displaying exemplary contributions in support of the Association.

This recognition is one of the highest honours that OTA can bestow on a member. As such we ask that members nominate a suitable candidate for consideration. 

Nominations currently closed

To be eligible for this award the person you nominate must be:

  • A qualified occupational therapist and eligible for membership of Occupational Therapy Australia.
  • A current “full” member of Occupational Therapy Australia and have at least 20 years of active membership (membership in the previous occupational therapy associations in Australia is included).
  • Able to demonstrate meritorious services in the field of occupational therapy and have made sustained and exemplary contributions in the support of the Association.
  • Current Directors of Occupational Therapy Australia are ineligible to be nominated for Honorary Life Membership.

Members are encouraged to nominate a member of OTA who has rendered outstanding service to occupational therapy in the fields of education or clinical practice and contributed to the growth of Occupational Therapy Australia. View the guidelines here.

Applications can be made by emailing the completed nomination form and required documents including a CV of the nominee, a 600 word biography and a high resolution photo of the nominee and evidence of contributions where available, to exec@otaus.com.au by 6pm (Melbourne time) on 6 December 2020.

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