Nominations Open: Occupational Therapy Australia Research Academy 2021

Occupational Therapy Australia seeks to acknowledge those members who have significantly contributed to the development of the body of knowledge of the profession of occupational therapy in Australia through conferring the Award of Fellow to the Occupational Therapy Australia Research Academy and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Fellow to the Occupational Therapy Australia Research Academy.


In this round we are seeking nominations from the members to identify and nominate occupational therapy researchers and scholars who they consider have made significant contributions to the body of occupational therapy research and its impact on policy and practice in Australia and internationally. Those who are accepted will be recognised at Occupational Therapy Australia’s National Conference in June 2021.

Criteria for nominees

  1. Past or current Australian citizen or permanent resident who is alive at the time of nomination
  2. Consents to the nomination and membership and inclusion on a public Academy Roll
  3. Member of Occupational Therapy Australia (or a past member of the Australian Association of Occupational Therapists) for at least five (5) cumulative years
  4. Doctoral qualification or equivalent (i.e., credible research training or other evidence of research expertise measured in relation to the contribution of original high-quality knowledge derived through research methods)
  5. Meritorious contribution to occupational therapy research and/or scholarship. This contribution must be judged by the Occupational Therapy Australia Research Academy nominations and selections panel as:

i. Substantial
ii. Sustained
iii. Exemplary
iv. Enduring in impact, and,
v. Of direct relevance to the profession and practice of occupational therapy in Australia and relevance internationally

For nominations for Indigenous Fellow: In addition to the above criteria, the nominee will need to corroborate their Aboriginality. 

Occupational Therapy Australia will accept one for the following options for corroborating your Aboriginality:

  • Community Advice
  • Referee Checks
  • Family histories and contacts; or
  • Statutory declaration. 

Nominations process

This is a three-stage process:

  1. Members are now asked to consider nominations and use the Occupational Therapy Australia Research Academy Nomination Form. This form is to be completed by two nominators and sent to Occupational Therapy Australia by 25 October 2020.
  2. Once the closing date has occurred, Occupational Therapy Australia contact all nominees and seek their consent to continue with their nomination. If agreed they will be asked to provide a curriculum vitae, a 150 word lay summary of their work, a high-resolution photograph for website/public use, and identification of 3-5 representative publications which they consider have had the most impact on practice and policy nationally and internationally. The closing date for completed nominations (with the nominees’ full supporting documentation) is 1 December 2020
  3. These completed nominations will then be assessed by a panel whose members are current Fellows. Recommendations for Award recipients will be presented to the Board with the final decision regarding eligibility for the Academy will be made by the Board

We look forward to receiving nominations for this second round and the conferral of new Fellows in 2021.

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