Tasmania Election Key Issues

In the leadup to the 2024 Tasmania state election to be held this Saturday 23 March, this week OTA sent letters to the major political parties and independent candidates to raise awareness of key issues facing the occupational therapy profession. 

The major issues OTA has raised in these letters include: 

  • Hospital ramping and the role OT can play in early intervention, prevention and health maintenance to alleviate pressure on hospitals by reducing admissions and readmissions 
  • Highlighting the OT scope of practice that includes initiatives focused on falls prevention, chronic disease management, mental health, and psychosocial disability support
  • Integration of occupational therapy into education and community settings 
  • Support of paid clinical placements for the emerging OT degree at University of Tasmania to bolster the supply of OTs. 

The letters urged all candidates to support initiatives aimed at bolstering the supply of occupational therapists in Tasmania, supporting the integration of the healthcare system with the NDIS, and providing funding for occupational therapists in educational and community settings. 

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