Transporting Children with Disabilities and Medical Conditions - Free MACA training for NSW and QLD

Assessing and prescribing for children's motor vehicle needs is a specialised area of practice. MACA (Mobility and Accessibility for Children in Australia) has developed the online training course: Transporting Children with Disabilities and Medical Conditions, which aims to build knowledge and confidence in supporting children’s motor vehicle transport needs (under 16 years).

The course content covers topics including:

  • Children’s vulnerability as road users
  • Road safety principles and approaches
  • Vehicle standards and road rules
  • The leading role of allied health professionals
  • Vehicle restraint products and devices
  • Standards

MACA has received Community Road Safety Grants from Transport for NSW and the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads to provide training to 50 allied health professionals in each state. Applications close on 1 February 2024. 

Click here for more information about the course, as well as how to apply for one of the free training opportunities.

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