New Grad Hub

Congratulations on your graduation and welcome to the occupational therapy profession! You are entering the profession at an exciting time and we wish you every success with your career. While your transition into practise will be rewarding, we know the first few years can at times be challenging. These resources—consisting of five comprehensive modules—have been developed to help you on your way. 

These resources will support you to:

  • Make a successful transition to practise
  • Get involved in ongoing learning, practice development and change
  • Realise your potential in your role
  • Work towards your career goals
  • Connect with your peers and the broader occupational therapy community

Welcome to the Profession! 

OTA New Graduate Stories: Transitioning from Student to Practitioner

We spoke to recent occupational therapy graduates, asking them to share their story and learnings. Browse the videos below to discover their insights, experiences and tips on how to make the best of your time as a new graduate.

OTA New Grad Stories • Khazen Boukhazen
Khazen first became registered as an occupational therapist in 2018 and has worked with the adult and aged populations across the Northern, Western and Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. His rich background in neuroscience and enduring passion for research powerfully inform his ongoing service of individuals and families living with mental ill health, acquired brain injury, dementia and stroke. “My work is love made visible.”

OTA New Grad Stories | Rebecca Rae-Hodgson
Rebecca Rae-Hodgson is a new graduate occupational therapist who graduated from a graduate masters program 3 months ago. She lives in inner Melbourne and is currently working as a sole trader disability support worker and will be commencing in a part time community occupational therapist role next year. Rebecca is pleased to have found an organisation who is open to being flexible around part time work needs due to her chronic illness.

OTA New Grad Stories | Andrea La Fontaine
Andrea is a new graduate occupational therapist who works in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Andrea works in two part time roles, both in a paediatric setting. Her primary role is working as the sole OT in a mainstream primary school where she runs individual and group sessions to assist students in fully participating in various aspects of school life. Her secondary role is working within a paediatric private practice where she assists individuals with their families through the NDIS scheme and other funding bodies. 

OTA New Grad Stories | Amy Elson
Amy Elson has been working as a rural generalist occupational therapist for three years, following her university studies. Amy embarked on work in a rural setting to explore all aspects of occupational therapy and discovered a love for the flexibility and creativity of working rurally.

New Graduate Resources: Five Modules

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