Areas of Practice

Occupational therapists work within many areas of practice to provide support to those who experience difficulties engaging in the everyday activities of life. For more information regarding these areas of practice and their associated Regional and Special Interest Groups (SIGs & RIGs), select an area of practice below.

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Assisting in both assessment and treatment, OTs work with parents, teachers, and other professionals to set specific goals for those living ...


Occupational therapists assist with cardiac rehabilitation through gradual activity progression to achieve self-care performance and partici...

Community Health

Occupational therapists work with people living in the community, enabling participation in everyday resulting in maximised independence and...


Occupational therapists work with people living with a disability to achieve greater physical functionality and mental support to participat...


Occupational therapists work to help people be as independent as possible in the activities of their everyday life including driving.

Environmental Modifications

OTs work with clients to improve the quality of life in their home environment through aids and modifications.

Leadership & Management

Occupational therapists often work in clinical leadership roles with experience in supervision, service development, change management and c...

Mental Health

OTs work to help those living with adverse life circumstances impacting their mental health.


OTs work with NDIS participants to assist them to achieve participation in everyday occupations to lead meaningful and independent lives.

Neurology & ABI

OTs work to improve the management of cognitive problems and challenging behaviours for those affected by acquired brain injury (ABI) and t...

Occupational Justice

OTs often work with those in the area of occupational justice, social justice and human rights including refugee projects and indigenous hea...

Occupational Rehabilitation

Occupational therapists often work within workplaces to assist individuals in their ability to meet the functional necessities to complete t...

Oncology & Palliative Care

OTs work with patients and their families and carers to participate in meaningful activities to support their physical and mental health dur...


Paediatric OTs support children and adolescents to develop skills in the areas of self-care, school and play.

Private Practice

Occupational therapists often work in private practice to provide a central service within the community.


Occupational therapists often work within the workplace to assist in the recovery and ongoing productivity of staff to meet the demands of t...

Vision Impairment

Occupational therapists work with those who live with vision impairment to achieve new strategies and alternative methods of completing the ...

Working with Older People

Occupational therapists work with older people to improve and maintain their everyday life through the participation of daily occupations wh...

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