Department of Veterans' Affairs: 2020 RAP Schedule Updated

The Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) has advised that the RAP Schedule has been updated for 2020. The main change that we can see is that Electronic Bidets (BE01) now require prior approval.

Occupational therapists have been advised by DVA that orders (DOF) for Electronic Bidets are to sent to the supplier as previously done. However, the DOF will require supporting clinical justification on the person’s medical conditions, how these affect toileting hygiene, what simpler options have been trialled unsuccessfully, and why a bidet is clinically required. 

It has been suggested that billing for this process would be an OT30 code for the assessment and an OT50 for the report. 

Please note that DVA have released a new DOF form, download it here.

Questions should be directed to the DVA Occupational Therapy Adviser(s) in your state. 

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