Occupational Therapy Australia’s first Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

Occupational Therapy Australia’s first Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) was launched with our members at the AGM recently. Our first RAP is a cornerstone of our broader journey to understanding and formalises with intent, our commitment to reconciliation.

We are excited and pleased to have a framework to guide our listening and learning as we develop and repair relationships, demonstrate respect and embrace opportunities. Whilst we have and continue to implement many activities supporting reconciliation, an endorsed RAP demonstrates to the wider community our obligations to reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The first Reflect RAP for Occupational Therapy Australia is the culmination of a body of work from multiple groups and individuals, invested in producing a meaningful roadmap for OTA’s reconciliation actions. We acknowledge and thank them all for lending time, cultural and clinical knowledge to this important piece of work.

The RAP is an essential element of our strategy to embed and progress cultural and community diversity through recognition, respect and inclusion of all Australians in all demographics and communities.

As we continue the implementation, we look forward to sharing our achievements and milestones and if you wish to lend your voice and experience to the reconciliation actions and deliverables, we welcome your collaboration. We hope that with our commitment, this encourages you to consider your own reconciliation opportunities in your workplaces and within the communities you serve.

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