Tools for Occupational Therapists

Digital Tools for Occupational Therapists

At some point it became commonplace for Occupational Therapists and other allied health practitioners to dedicate a vast amount of time to paperwork – especially when it comes to NDIS participants. The admin involved in taking on new clients and managing existing clients can take significant time. Mobility is a platform that has been designed with input from Occupational Therapists with the goal of establishing a platform with technical integration, visibility of participants plans and seamless, compliant invoicing and payment. 

Connect with a large NDIS client base

Mobility provides Occupational Therapists and other allied Health Professionals the option to engage with clients and NDIS participants that are signed up on the platform. It creates another channel that OTs can use to find clients, or a platform for clients to book.

Booking & scheduling appointments & NDIS Plan Connectivity

Mobility takes care of booking, scheduling and payment within the NDIS system. Mobility enables you to chat directly with clients via the app’s instant messaging functionality to find out about their specific requirements and goals.

Working closely with Plan Managers, mobility ensures funds are available prior to the client making a booking. Upon completion of the booking, an invoice is sent automatically.

With the link between mobility and participant’s NDIS plans, in-app payments are made simple for clients who are:

  • Self-Managed
  • Plan Managed
  • Agency Managed

Clients who aren’t NDIS participants can pay with private funds and with other government funding such as My aged care Packages will be available in the app early 2022.

Payment visibility & automation

The mobility platform allows you to see NDIS participants Goals and ensures they are covered by the relevant budget items for your services. And, payments are automated so there’s far less time between appointments and receiving payment. Gone are the days of chasing invoices and payments or waiting for faraway sign offs!

Simplifying billable hours

When you deliver a therapy session in a client’s home, in-app functionality allows you to clock on and clock off. You can also log admin hours for things like time spent doing assessments and preparing plans.


Everyone who lists their services on mobility goes through an extensive verification process – this includes support workers and home help right through to OT’s and other allied health professionals. Clients have substantial trust in the people they can book via mobility.  You will need a copy of your AHPRA qualification and your professional liability insurance along with a Police Check.

How does it work?

Set up a profile and list your services:

  1. Download the free app from the relevant app store.
  2. Create a profile.
  3. Upload AHPRA qualification
  4. Upload relevant insurances
  5. Complete and upload a Police Check and Working With Children Check (if working with children)
  6. Await verification – this process typically takes less than 5 business days
  7. Edit your profile to include a photo and specific areas of expertise

Clients search for the services they need and browse profiles based on:

  • Location
  • Practitioner’s Availability
  • Type of Service
  • The Client makes a booking request & you get notified
  • Accept or reject the booking. Note: you can chat with the client via an in-app Messenger prior to confirming the booking
  • You can also agree a preferred time with the client and adjust the booking to fit with your calender
  • Utilise the in-app chat function to ascertain client requirements and goals if required
  • Deliver the service at the booking time
  • NDIS compliant Invoicing occurs automatically within the app, and payment is streamlined and taken care of by mobility.  They pay you straight into your nominated account within a maximum of 7 working days

Getting listed on mobility

  • Download the app → Sign up & get verified 
  • Create an account & profile → add all detail including availability & services, rates and references
  • Upload certification & a couple of other required documents

The way forward

Over 2 years of development, including consultation with Occupational Therapy Australia, Mobility has launched their platform to align to the needs of OTs. With functionality that is unlike anything else in Australia, mobility provides person-centred care with the ultimate in choice and control. It streamlines things in such a way that it saves times for everyone and has managed to simplify outdated systems full of paperwork and approvals, making the delivery of services and managing your business easier, simpler, swifter.  Knowing how busy you all are, mobility have also agreed to set up a ‘fast lane’ for Occupational Therapy Australia members with their support and verification team.  You can contact them on the following Direct line: +61 2 7908 7928.


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