Fellow of the OTA Research Academy

Fellow of the OTA Research Academy

The Occupational Therapy Australia Research Academy has been established to both recognise scholars in the occupational therapy profession but also to enhance research capacity building in the profession.

Notably, its core goals are:

  • To generate new knowledge and grow the corpus of knowledge underpinning the profession of occupational therapy
  • To make a positive and sustained contribution to the inclusion, participation and wellbeing of Australians through supporting high quality research
  • To grow the research capacity – individually and collectively – of the members of OTA through a range of activities including grant provision, education and mentoring,
  • To profile the contribution of occupational therapy researchers and scholars nationally and internationally through a range of media
  • To ensure the representation of occupational therapy researchers in national debate, dialogue and policy developments on issues related to productivity, inclusion, participation and wellbeing

This award is run biennially.

Applications for this award are currently closed.

Visit the OTA Research Academy page for more information.

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